Selected Poems:

Notes for Third AAWW, The Margins

Arabidopsis The Rumpus

Being-Nothingness Cordite Poetry Review

Reject the angel, and give the Muse a kick The Baffler

Description de l’Égypte POETRY Magazine

Third The Poetry Project Newsletter

Naturalization, Can the Dodo Bird Speak, An Incomplete Archive of Extinction, Notes from the Gallery of Evolution, Bird Survives the Death of NatureThe Kenyon Review

Universe in Which My Father is a Poet, A Theory of Birds | Mizna

Ibis | Foundry

Apologies to All the People in Yemen | Glass

Leave  | Lit Hub: 12 Palestinian Writers Respond to the Ongoing Nakba 

Notes on Third World Subtraction | Boston Review, “What Nature

Memory of Figment a Merely: Four Poems | AAWW, The Margins

Speculative History | Foundry

On Longing | Glass, Halal If You Hear Me Anthology

a foreign woman | The Offing


Social Struggle is a Way of Life: An Interview with Albert WoodfoxScalawag Magazine

there are stories of machines: a review of andrea-abi karam’s EXTRATRANSMISSION  Mask Magazine

I Recognized The Song”: A Review of Hala Alyan’s The Twenty-Ninth Year | The Adroit Journal Blog 

Together and Beside Ourselves: In Conversation with Artist & Educator Hồng-Ân Trương Scalawag Magazine

Green From Below | Scalawag Magazine 

In Her Art, Saba Taj Populates a Sanctuary for the Secret Language of WomenIndy Week

Letter from an Absence I Begin WithAAWW, The Margins


“I never let the viewer sit too long in one or the other.” An Interview with Allison Janae Hamilton on “Pitch” |  
Scalawag Magazine 

Alexis Pauline Gumbs Groundbreaking Poetic Trilogy Engaging with Black Feminist Scholars Continues in M Archive: After the End of the World 
| Indy Week

In the Wildness of Daughterhood: Beast Meridian by Vanessa Angelica Villarreal | The Miami Rail

The Muslims are not here to answer your questions | Scalawag Magazine

labor strike against israel-american prison society inc. | Mask Magazine

A Union of Poets | The New Inquiry

Resistance that Grows | Mask Magazine

“Spill” Maps a Future in Which Black Women Inherit the Universe | Bitch Magazine

I pledge allegiance to the Always Not Yet | Scalawag Magazine

Lemon Effigies | Anhinga Press